The nordic way. Pure in its form and stripped from unnecessary elements.
We believe in our Scandinavian heritage and feel proud of where we are heading.

We serve the needs of companies in a public or corporate setting. Our goal is to ensure the best outcome for your business needs. We do this through active and engaging public relations and public affairs methods. We offer a range of both classical services within PR & PA, but what sets us apart is our total devotion to our customer's issues at hand.

We started as a small bureau but are growing within the international markets. We think it is primarily because of our frank and straight-lined way from idea to result.

Issue advocacy, government relations, business, and management consulting are some ways to describe our services.


Nordic markets representation

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia

International markets representation

European union, China and United States of America

We serve the needs of businesses, organizations, and other entities in public affairs and corporate ventures.


Address: Munkbron 5, 111 28, Stockholm


Phone: +46 723-761500

Scandhof Group includes

Investment & Capital firm,

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